Frequently Asked Questions

What is MagnaPin?

MagnaPin is a high-quality, reusable magnetic accessory used as an alternative way to attach any item with a pin shaft (such as pins, brooches, name tags and pin/pendants) to fine garments. MagnaPin is a super strong magnet brooch converter. Use MagnaPin on fabrics you wouldn’t dare pierce with a pin, such as satin, leather, suede, linen, silk and even fur.

Will my brooch slide along the pin shaft when on the MagnaPin?

No, the small “V-channel” on the top of the MagnaPin contains a substance that grips your pin shaft and securely holds your brooch in place. Our exclusive, patented design is just one way the MagnaPin magnetic brooch converter is superior to the mass-produced imitations you might find online.

How do I get my pin through the back?

The first time you use the MagnaPin, you may encounter a slight resistance when inserting your pin shaft through the V-channel on the top of the MagnaPin. Do not worry. Insert the pin shaft into one side of the V-channel, pull it out and insert it through the other end of the V-channel. Once the pin is successfully inserted, it will feel snug when you move the MagnaPin along the pin shaft.

Will my pin shaft bend when I insert it through the back?

The material inside the V-channel is quite strong but most pin shafts do not bend when inserted. If you have any concern that this may happen, insert a safety pin first. Once the material in the V-channel has been pierced once, subsequent insertion of pin shafts will be easy.

Can I use the MagnaPin to attach corsages and boutonnieres?

Yes. It is recommended to use two MagnaPins when attaching flowers to a garment. Two MaganPins allow you to balance the flowers appropriately and to secure a strong connection with the garment. See the easy illustrated/written instructions on the packaging.

How powerful is the magnet?

The MagnaPin magnet is so powerful that it can make a connection even through fur! This means it will also easily make connection with other metal objects. It is suggested that you store MagnaPins separately from other jewelry, or if you like to keep MagnaPins on your favorite brooches, store the brooches separately.

MagnaPin is nickle-plated, and may cause a skin reaction to persons allergic to nickel.

Can I lose my brooch because the MagnaPin is not strong enough?

The loss of an item attached with a MagnaPin is very unlikely, due to the significant strength of the magnets. First, be careful not to seriously snag the brooch/pin on any object. Second, if you do have a concern about the possible loss of a large or valuable brooch, it is recommended that you use two MagnaPins (one on each end of the pin shaft.)

What is the MagnaPin return policy?

MagnaPin is a one-of-a-kind product, that was designed and manufactured with great care.  The pins are individually packaged, and inspected for quality by a quality control supervisor. In over two decades of selling our magnetic pin converters, we have never had a MagnaPin returned for defect. But if believe your MagnaPin is defective please contact us, and we will work with you to return your MagnaPin and provide a replacement.